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On Creating: Nuts, Bolts, and Magic

14th June 2014 | 2 Comments

Are you curious about other artists’ processes?  See the links at the bottom and hop over to more Creative Process posts! When Melissa asked me to write about my creative process, my first thought was “Wait, what is my process?” Over the next few days I watched myself and realized I do have a process. Naming and recording these rituals has […]

A Change In Perspective

8th August 2011 | Closed

Bad news cures all things.   Or, bad news, even when it isn’t one’s own, is perspective making.   I’m standing in the bed of a pickup parked in a Sheraton 5 Points Hotel parking lot, Rapid City, South Dakota.  Two days of R&R have ended; I’m packing the truck to return to work.  We’ve […]

An Ordinary Contradiction

24th June 2011 | Closed

Today I experienced the exact type of ordinary contradiction I imagined filling this blog. It was ordinary.  I was in the office, attempting to complete a project that really, I had no idea how to complete.  It involved multiple addresses and bank account numbers; things my Renewable Natural Resource degree really didn’t cover.  If a […]