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Birds I

6th February 2012 | Closed

Walking to my  car in downtown Knoxville, a red-tailed hawk falls out of the sky, landing on the sidewalk less than three feet in front of me. For a moment I can only stare at the bird, checking in with myself–am I certain that I’m awake? Reality confirmed, I size up the bird–it is a big […]

Urban Wilderness

1st October 2011 | Closed

For many reasons, I find myself moving away from the mountains.  The reasons are myriad, but include a rock wall, a strange man, a rattlesnake fear (it isn’t my fear), salty water, and a breaker box.  It is a shock to my system:  I am moving from the majestic, soothing mountains to a city of 100,000 residents,  surrounded […]