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Guilty Laughter

23rd April 2013 | Closed

I don’t like slap-stick  humor. I wince when watching the Three Stooges. I was the kid who covered her eyes when a piano fell on Wile E. Coyote or when Jerry set Tom on fire. I don’t laugh at Helen Keller jokes. Forest Gump makes me simultaneously sad and angry. I don’t find humor in […]

Resurrection of the Sugar Demon

7th August 2012 | Closed

The Whole30 is the incredible brainchild of Melissa and Dallas Hartwig of Whole9. During a Whole30, for 30 days one eats meat, vegetables, good fats, and some fruits and nuts. One does not eat sugar (of any kind), grains (including corn), dairy, legumes (including peanuts), or alcohol (actually a sugar).  Are you wondering about calcium, fiber, or energy? Check […]