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On Creating: Nuts, Bolts, and Magic

14th June 2014 | 2 Comments

Are you curious about other artists’ processes?  See the links at the bottom and hop over to more Creative Process posts! When Melissa asked me to write about my creative process, my first thought was “Wait, what is my process?” Over the next few days I watched myself and realized I do have a process. Naming and recording these rituals has […]

I Beat the Sugar Horror-Go-Round

31st July 2012 | Closed

The Whole30 is the incredible brainchild of Melissa and Dallas Hartwig of Whole9. During a Whole30, for 30 days one eats meat, vegetables, good fats, and some fruits and nuts. One does not eat sugar (of any kind), grains (including corn), dairy, legumes (including peanuts), or alcohol (actually a sugar).  Are you wondering about calcium, […]

In Front of the Storm

3rd February 2012 | Closed

      Summer 1998, Montana fire season. We’re high in the Bitterroots, after crossing the Selway River that morning. The storm has been brewing visibly for about four hours, clouds getting puffier and puffier with the July sun and we’ve just made the call to get down and return to camp–fast. Having packed up […]

Gotta Change My Want To

1st March 2011 | Closed

I love doing events like the Muddy Buddy and the Elephant Rock Ride.  I have a great time; I enjoy having a focus to train for; I get in a groove and feel good about moving and my body. But on this end of it- the just beginning, coming off an injury, not in the […]