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On Confidence: The Microburst (Part III of III)

30th August 2016 | Closed

  Part I and Part II of this essay. I’m a newly qualified crew boss with my twenty-person crew on a wildfire in Wyoming. My crew is assigned to mop-up an area—to slowly move through and extinguish everything that is burning. The command team is less worried about the fire at this point and more […]

On Confidence: The River (Part II of III)

30th August 2016 | Closed

  Part I of this essay. Continuing to explore confidence, I think of my friend Sarah’s experience. There are two cars in the river, an upside-down sedan and a right-side-up pickup truck, three people in the truck and four in the car. Most of the passengers get themselves out of their vehicle and out of the […]

Poor Managing of Good Intentions?

21st April 2011 | Closed

I’ll start this off my stating some of my biases:  I have read Three Cups of Tea, I have heard Greg Mortenson speak (UNC Greeley, Feb 10, 2010) and I have given the Central Asia Institute (C.A.I) money.  I’ve never been head-over-heels in love with Mortenson (he wasn’t a very good speaker and the book […]

Late Night Thoughts

2nd March 2011 | Closed

Some ideas I love: From a loved math teacher: “Common Sense is only what you experienced.”  I think there is a lot of truth in that saying.  If you were going to mix gas and diesel together to start a fire, what would you think the common sense ratio would be?  Some of you will […]

I Don’t Know What I Know

27th February 2011 | Closed

I received a fabulous email about my post about grass-fed beef, which I share below.  But instead of beating a dead cow (hee hee!) I thought I would move on to this contradiction: How can we know ANYTHING in the world today?  How can I know the bottom line about beef?  Even if I raise […]