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Guilty Laughter

23rd April 2013 | Closed

I don’t like slap-stick  humor. I wince when watching the Three Stooges. I was the kid who covered her eyes when a piano fell on Wile E. Coyote or when Jerry set Tom on fire. I don’t laugh at Helen Keller jokes. Forest Gump makes me simultaneously sad and angry. I don’t find humor in […]

What the Western Meadowlark really says…

20th April 2013 | Closed

Birds I

6th February 2012 | Closed

Walking to my  car in downtown Knoxville, a red-tailed hawk falls out of the sky, landing on the sidewalk less than three feet in front of me. For a moment I can only stare at the bird, checking in with myself–am I certain that I’m awake? Reality confirmed, I size up the bird–it is a big […]

In Front of the Storm

3rd February 2012 | Closed

      Summer 1998, Montana fire season. We’re high in the Bitterroots, after crossing the Selway River that morning. The storm has been brewing visibly for about four hours, clouds getting puffier and puffier with the July sun and we’ve just made the call to get down and return to camp–fast. Having packed up […]

The In-Between Time

7th September 2011 | Closed

A few days ago I was on my favorite hike through the forest with my dogs, when I noticed the aspen leaves just barely beginning to turn, only ten yellow leaves per tree.  A bubble of happiness jumped into my throat; simultaneously sorrow invaded my stomach.  The transition time of autumn filled me with emotion.  […]