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12th May 2013 | Closed

Reading this article about about copyright infringement reminded me again that we’re in the wild west of the inter-web. I want to make clear that all the images on this blog are created and owned by me; not to be used without permission. Contact me.

Open for Comments!

15th August 2011 | Closed

I’m trying something new on the spam front… and comments are open again!  Did you run across an ordinary contradiction today?  Let me know!

Comments Closed.

4th August 2011 | Closed

I’ve closed comments on this blog, mainly due to an abundance of spam.  Working on my spam filter is on my list, but until that happens… comments closed.  Feel free to use the contact form to send me a comment if you wish!

Ordinary Contradictions in Elephant Journal!

18th March 2011 | Closed

Quick note:  My writing is in elephant journal! Writing for elephant is allowing me a place to write about things that are not necessarily contradictory… my first piece is 3 Things I’ve Learned From My Deaf Dog.  Check it out, and while you are there, enjoy the other awesome articles in elephant about the mindful […]