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Occasionally I am asked for resources on feminism, the social roles of women and men, and stuff like that. So I decided to round-up my favorites into the list below*. If I didn’t make a note, the link is an essay.

*I did include a sexual violence section–it’s behind a click wall so as not to blind side anyone.

Communication and Language

Rebecca Solnit: Men Explain Things to Me (Long and fantastic read. This essay was the basis for a book of the same name).

Things My Male Tech Colleagues Have Actually Said to Me, Annotated (A fun short read that questions commonly heard statements)

48 Things Women Hear in a Lifetime (Video–1:50)

The Shadow of the Lego (Essay by Emily Gubler)

“Top tips for men juggling a successful career and fatherhood” hilariously nails how sexist the advice given to working women is

How Our Idea Of “Strong Women” Unintentionally Hurts Female Leaders

An 8-part comic for people who say ‘I’m sorry’ too often.

You Don’t Know It, But Women See Gender Bias In Your Job Postings

Images and Entertainment

25 Stunning Vintage Photographs Of Female Firefighters

I’m Cautiously Excited About Star Trek’s Plans For A Female Lead

Pitch, A New Drama Series About The First Woman To Play In Major League Baseball

Hidden Figures | Official Trailer

Seattle’s all-female football team: This isn’t the lingerie league

Kelly Reemtsen

The Problem with Female Protagonists

‘The Finkbeiner Test’

Emotional Labor

‘Women are just better at this stuff’: is emotional labor feminism’s next frontier?

What Happened When I Stopped Playing Secretary for My Family

Q: Why Can’t a Man Pick out China in the White House? A: America.

Reddit: Emotional Labor: The MetaFilter Thread Condensed

Confidence, Taking Up Space, and Public Spaces

Lily Myers – “Shrinking Women” – Video, 3:33

On Confidence: Part I, Part II, Part III — Essay by Emily Gubler

Why Do We Teach Girls That It’s Cute to Be Scared?

I Want My Daughters to Take Up Space

Designing Gender Into and Out of Public Space

The Gutsy Girl: A Modern Manifesto for Bravery, Perseverance, and Breaking the Tyranny of Perfection (book review and good article)

The Weird, Complicated, Sexist History of Pockets

Siri and Cortana Sound Like Ladies Because of Sexism

The Everyday Sexism of Women Waiting in Public Toilet Lines

Race, Gender, and Privilege

7 Things Feminists Of Color Want White Feminists To Know

Movie: Apache 8

Transgender Men See Sexism From Both Sides

White Male Privilege Is Why We Laugh At Lochte And Vilify Douglas

Allies and Microaggressions

Nude Wedding Shoes When You’re Biracial

Movie: The Mask You Live In (about socialization of boys)

On Relationships and The Complicated Issue of Changing One’s Name

On Moving In Together – Essay by Emily Gubler

Changing Your Sir-Name — Written by a man who took his wife’s last name when they married

Changing Your Name in the Age of Google

How Do I Tell Everyone I’m Keeping My Name?

Caught Between a Name Change and a Hard Place

The Most Disturbing Aspect Of The Trump Video Is One That Many Men Won’t Appreciate

’Her Job Is Not to Make Herself Likeable’: Adichie’s Powerful Essay on Raising a Feminist Daughter

Sexual Harassment and Violence

In order not to blind side anyone, I’m putting this behind a link. Click here and enter the password “Change” to see these links to readings and movies about sexual violence occurring in our world and what people are doing to end it.


15 Feminist Quotes from Badass Women that Prove “Having It All” Is Bullshit

We Are #WomenNotObjects (Video–2:21)

TED Talk: We Should All Be Feminists (Video–30:16)

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