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Poor Managing of Good Intentions?

21st April 2011 | Closed

I’ll start this off my stating some of my biases:  I have read Three Cups of Tea, I have heard Greg Mortenson speak (UNC Greeley, Feb 10, 2010) and I have given the Central Asia Institute (C.A.I) money.  I’ve never been head-over-heels in love with Mortenson (he wasn’t a very good speaker and the book […]

Thoughts On Committed

6th April 2011 | Closed

I’ve been driving a lot lately, and as I’m driving I’ve been listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Committed.  Yes, she wrote Eat, Pray, Love which I did enjoy but at the same time thought was awfully self-involved.  I found the national excitement over Eat, Pray, Love a but bizzarre—exactly what nerve did she manage to touch? […]

The Fishing Poles Are Not on Fire

3rd April 2011 | Closed

Absurdity happens and I generally enjoy it; it knocks me off the mundane-routine-everyday habits cycle. Yesterday, specifically last night, multiple absurd things happened.  One of these things by itself would not have been noteworthy, but all together – mucho absurd!  Now I’m simply remembering and laughing. My boyfriend and I took his three girls camping.  […]