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I Hate Dumbo

28th February 2011 | Closed

I hate Dumbo. I hate it so much I will leave the room if it is on TV and I refuse to read it to children.  I can’t stand the part where his mother is taken away in a cage. I also tend to feel sorry for the Grinch around Christmastime; I’m only mediocre about […]

Reluctant Mudder?

28th February 2011 | Closed

I have signed up for the Tough Mudder on June 25th.  It’s 7 miles of running with obstacles along the way. I hate running. And I have a sprained ankle. What was I thinking? Best get on it!

I Don’t Know What I Know

27th February 2011 | Closed

I received a fabulous email about my post about grass-fed beef, which I share below.  But instead of beating a dead cow (hee hee!) I thought I would move on to this contradiction: How can we know ANYTHING in the world today?  How can I know the bottom line about beef?  Even if I raise […]

Grass-fed Beef and Climate Change – Arg!

25th February 2011 | Closed

I should say a few things outright before we get into this. First, I really like to eat animals.  I feel much better with a fairly high protein diet.  But I hate CAFOs; styrofoam and plastic packaged beef, and the whole corn thing.  So, I buy beeve quarters (approximately 90 lbs) a few times a […]

Sudden Change

24th February 2011 | Closed

I work on an ambulance.  Today, I helped treat someone who was critically injured in an accident; unfortunately we were not able to save the patient’s life. This scenario is still a shock to me.  I know sudden change happens.  But it’s amazing how fast life changes from second to second.  One second I’m climbing […]